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A Promising Africa

Yesterday, my colleague and I went to the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas to see the documentary by an 11year old Nigerian girl living in the Diaspora; Zuriel Oduwole.

The documentary which is titled, A Promising Africa, highlights interviews of the president, a designer- Lisa Folawiyo, an Olympic medalist- Blessing Okagbare,  the CEO of Heritage Bank and the founder of Green Springs.

As much as I wasn’t particularly impressed with the background music not being Nigerian since most of the highlights were Nigerian inclined,  Zuriel did a good job directing and producing documentary even with the script writing.

Her parents are proud of her but I guess her dad more. Having to quit his job for a non profit passion of his daughter. Now, that is a really proud dad.

The documentary has shown in London and Nigeria and I am thinking more kids need to see the documentary and be inspired to break boundaries. However, would you let your 11 year old live Zuriel’s life?

Some students after the documentary 
Zuriel’sdad addressing the students 
The students sending a message to Zuriel 
Oma, Zuriel’s dad and Binta.
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