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Bad Hair Day

A few weeks back, I had just taken down my braids and really couldn’t be bothered about going to sit in a salon to get my hair done. Like most people already know, I am probably the most lazy naturalista you can ever think of. I try to get the hair to look presentable but when I have other things to do, hair is certainly not number one on my list.

Working in a media company makes it easy to express yourself in different ways that you choose as long as you look presentable and do not constitute a nuisance to the image of the company. That way, I don’t need to wear a suit to look the part of a writer. If wearing a tank top and jeans gets my creative juice going, I am allowed to pull that look off. 
On this day, I just wore a top on a skirt and grabbed a hat to cover the untidy bantu knots. I chose the trainers to complete the look since I had to be at the gym for aerobics after work that day.

A Few Shots Taken With Samsung Galaxy Note4

What do you think of the look?

PS: Today is World Cancer Day. Make efforts to spread the word about the disease as knowledge is power and early detection is key. For more information, visit

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