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The Power Of A Note

Captured with the Samsung Galaxy Note4

The world is on a really fast lane when it comes to the advancement of technology and Samsung is one of the few companies at the frontier of making that happen. This is evident in the powerful gadgets which they have been producing lately to take over our lives assist our everyday living.

I recently got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note4 and I did like it considering it was my first time of getting to use the stylus pen. I am very familiar with the Samsung tab which I have used up until its demise in 2014, thanks to the night crawlers on Eko bridge. If there is one thing I can affirm, it is that Samsung ensures that their products are user friendly, affording you the opportunity to interact with other devices from other companies asides the Apple which is in no way peculiar with just Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is 5.7 inches and weighs 176kg. It comes with the stylus pen which is why it is different from the regular phones or the tabs. It uses a micro sim and has a space for a micro sd card despite having a memory space of 32gb. The rear camera is 16mp and the front camera is 3.7mp. In addition, the selfie camera comes with the ability for you to airbrush the picture before you take a shot either from a degree of 0 which gives you the picture in an original state yet so sharp and clear and a degree of 8 which gives the ultimate air brushing effect which some bloggers may need should they need to post a picture ASAP without access to a computer for immediate editing pictures. Also, you do not necessarily need to touch the screen to take a selfie, place your hand on the finger print sensor at the back of the phone and as soon as the camera has recognised your face, take your finger away and you have a shot. The sound quality is also great and so is the video quality.

My Experience
Personally as a writer and a blogger who is constantly taking notes, writing articles and yet jumping from one end of the town to the other, I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have not had a laptop in a few weeks now but the Note has made life a lot easier for me giving me all I need in one place from the pictures, to responding to my email to creating a blog post to writing fresh articles. It takes a lot of using to though for someone who is used to a larger screen for typing, but I do not miss the key board with the availability of the pen. Besides, we are trying to see how we can go Green right? The note takes the place of all those papers flying around which you may lose. My colleagues are in love with the camera, always asking me to take pictures of them (and that includes the apple users amongst them). I wonder what they will do when they see me use the Samsung Galaxy A5 which is currently in stores and comes with a free selfie stick. The A3 which is a smaller version is also available and if you missed the review, simply click HERE. Despite having to use a wifi all day on the device, it did last and even stayed through the night when I get to charge for the next day. I have never even seen the battery low. I also didn’t get to use the charger but it did say fast charge and as all the others, you can do your BBM on it.
In Comparison to the Note3

First, the design is different as the trimming for the Note 4 is metallic unlike the Note 3 which is plastic. Now, you have the sophistication effect. There is the addition of the finger print scanner and the heart rate sensor which is not available in the Note 3. The screen is an upgrade from the 3 and so is the pen and even the camera.

The only fault which was really conspicuous to me was the difficulty in uploading location on  Instagram which can be made easier by editing after you must have uploaded. 
In conclusion, I couldn’t stop thinking how cool it would be to have a note that has the features of the Samsung Galaxy A5. That will get my attention. The A5 and A3 are currently in the stores and for every purchase, you get a selfie stick.
Any experiences on the Note 4 and the A5? 
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