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Dare To Dream

Good day friends. How was your weekend? I stayed home trying to heal my ankle and then a bit of meetings.

It is think Box today as we do every Monday and I didn’t have to think so hard to get this out for you. I attended a press conference organised by Kinabuti on their project called, Dare To Dream and I was inspired and moved by the words of each one who spoke. However, I will have to discuss that some other time and just say to you, What is your dream?

Today, I wantt to challenge each and everyone of us to dare to dream. Do not be limited by the challenges that surround you. Simply dream and dream big. I have dreams that I hope someday I can actualise them all. It may not be happenin right now, but it will someday.

I have a dream to have  a masters degree and though I am having it tough getting a hold of my supervisor, I trust that my dream is just a few months away from being achieved. So, keep dreaming.


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