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Exclusive advert discounts, invites & more for SoTectonic Subscribers

At SoTectonic, we see everyone who has come to read our blog, follows us on any of social media platforms, leaves comments and likes our pictures or even repost or shares our content as our buddies but what makes you a part of our intimate family is that you subscribe to the SoTectonic blog via email.

Becoming a Suscriber on this platform is not a means of invading your privacy but rather, a way of helping us get to know our loyal readers and to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the many activities that abound on this platform.

We do not spam your box as our updates are sent to your box weekly, giving you a roundup of the many interesting stories that went on during the week. At the moment, we try to send it over the weekend just to enable you take your time to peruse the stories while you relax.

To become a subscriber, all you need to do is input your email address at the right hand corner of the blog and click the submit Button. When you leave comments on the blog, you have the check box that allows you to opt in. Where any of this hinders you from becoming a subscriber, send us an email with your details and we will do this for you manually.

Now that you are a subscriber, what next?

As a SoTectonic subscriber, the goodies you stand to experience abound. Your benefits include;
– Prior knowledge of major giveaways before they are announced to the public

– Access to exclusive events which we get invites to.

– 10% discount on any advert you wish to do on the blog on your business or event coverage for 3 months

– 5% discount on any business you introduce to do an advert on the blog and this offer is unlimited.

– Special additional discount codes for businesses that we partner with…. TAC Apply!

So, what are you waiting for? We have this big Giveaway in honor of our fathers coming up sooner than you thought. Let us keep you ahead in the contest! Submit your email address or just leave a comment here and you are in!

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