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Experiencing Zaron Cosmetics’ new line of lipsticks and lip stains

Zaron cosmetics recently launched a new collection of lipsticks and lip stains. I got so lucky to receive the parcel for SoTectonic and right inside of it, we found 4 lipsticks and 4 lip stains.Let me start by saying that Joanne picked the right shades for my skin tone except Pout, which I am a bit sceptical about and still not sure how to use it to suit my skin tone.


The new zaron Cosmetics lipsticks and lip stains are Matte and best believe, I love Matte! No doubt that Cream is great for the climatic condition of the country I reside in but, I have oily face. Any lipstick that makes it look like I have ‘ororo’ on is not one I will use all the time. This pretty much explains why I have on a gloss most times until the arrival of these Zaron lip makeup, that makes me look forward to tomorrow’s lip color. Also, they glide on well, keeping my lips moisturised despite being Matte. They are not harsh on my lips but, I always scrub and moisturise before I apply any of the 8.


The lipsticks and lip stains come in black paper tubes with that of the stains being longer than the sticks. The products themselves are contained in a black bottle with silver inscriptions on the stains and white inscriptions on the sticks. For the stains, you twist to open and it comes in a gloss like container meaning that you apply with the brush that is attached to it; and for the sticks, you pull up the cover and then twist to properly reveal the content.


We already had a few of them up on Instagram. Check them out by following our Instagram page. Also, my recent post on Oma’s closet has me rocking Chilli. You can see that HERE.

2015-10-01 20.28.21

2015-10-02 08.21.17

Cool red for the spot light

2015-10-02 08.20.36

Hot red just like Chilli and by far, my favourite!

2015-10-02 08.20.12

Loud pink, most suitable for one with a light skin tone

2015-10-01 20.41.29

Purple….. Brings out the Queen in you.

2015-10-02 08.23.11

Cool purple, glides on well!

2015-10-02 08.23.48

Looks black but is a dark shade of blue for the cool kids

2015-10-02 08.24.20

Brown and perfect for my skin tone. Finally found a brown that works for me.

2015-10-02 08.22.37

Cool pink. Better pick for my skin tone than the pout.

General opinion

All of the products last a long time. I say this because, I get to apply them on my way out of the house and have no need to reapply the product. They remain almost visible at night but easily taken off with my baby wipes. Should I reapply, it’s only because I want the color to pop as loud as it did when I first applied it and I do that only with my Chilli. This is because I love the color and though a little is all you need, I find myself playing around with. I love me some extra chilli.


Each color is dependent on your mood. ANd like I said at the beginning, they are perfect for my skin tone which means you can pick any of them if you have my skin tone. But you can do without the pout shade and leave that for someone with a much lighter skin tone like say, Ez of Beauty in Lagos. If you visit the any Zaron outlets, you are likely to find another pink shade that works better for our kind of skin tone.

For those with a light skin tone, I recommend the Denim, Chilli works for everyone, Paparazzi, Royale, maybe not Ebony, pout definitely, Sassy and Cowgirl which is pretty much all but Ebony.

To apply the Denim and the Ebony was slightly difficult to get out the shade but be patient. It is worth it in the end.


Each shade can be as light as you want it or as heavily defined as you need. To achieve light shade, just place as dots on your lips and blend. To get it heavily defined, bringing forth its colors, apply round the lips. Either ways, the colors stay beautiful.


To purchase any of the lipsticks or lip stains, visit a Zaron retailer today. The lipstick is sold at 2,500 Naira and the lip stain is 2,750 Naira.

Which of these have you tried? Which is your favourite from the look?


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