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My First Snow in Broumov, Czech Republic (Europe)

I arrived France to meet the entire city covered in snow. From what I hear, snowing is not exactly a thing that Paris is used to which makes this a surprise for the residents. According to Washington Post, this is the biggest in decades for Paris. Though it can be unsafe as the floors get slippery and you should be extra careful, I am thrilled about the snow.

For those who are just coming here for the first time, I am a Nigerian lifestyle blogger who lives in Nigeria and though I do travel out of Nigeria every now and again, I have never left the shores of Nigeria at this time of the year. Little wonder I had so much luggage when I was coming in as I had a major winter haul which I will be showing off on YouTube later in the month.

Back to the snow, though the first time that I get to see a lot of it in Paris, it is not my first snow experience. My first was in the little town of Broumov. It was so beautiful to watch the little flakes fall from the sky and even more beautiful watching the excitement of the kids outside of my terrace at Veba Wellness Center, playing in the snow. I guess it nudged on the kid in me as I hurried to get dressed so that I could also have a feel of the snowflakes on my skin leather jacket.


girl in the snow

walking in the snow

dance in the snow

I will be spending a bit more time in Europe and I hope to see more of the snow. Can you tell how happy I am from the pictures? It pays to find happiness in the seemingly little things.

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