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How To Fight Procrastination

Last week we spoke about getting back to work after the holidays and that includes short holidays like the weekends. If you haven’t read, click HERE. This week, let us focus on the 3 ways that you can fight procrastination.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. We get that sometimes you need to push something to a later time when there are emergencies but when this becomes all too frequent, it is you simply finding an excuse to be lazy and by so doing, you delay your success. We want to help you which is why we have these 3 points below;

Create a schedule

You need to start the day listing all that you wish to do and then priotise them. That way, you have something to guide you through the day, the week or even the month.

Set targets

Your schedule contains your daily, weekly or monthly goals. These goals require a plan to be achieved which is called target. So, you need to set the targets for each item you have listed and that includes time. You can list check mails as a goal and then set 20minutes as the target time to achieving that goal.

Have a reward system

This is for the extra motivation. Attach a reward to every goal that you set such that if you meet the target, you reward yourself. For instance, if you love ice cream, that could be the reward if you achieve the goal for the day or you could treat yourself to a new hair if you achieve the target fo rthe month.

How do you fight procrastination?

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