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Janelle Monae at the Oscars in Ralph Lauren

A piece with 168,000 crystals hand embroidery!

After the Oscars, there is a lot of talk about the fashion moments and then the speeches. One fashion moment worthy of talking about is that of Janelle Monae.Janelle always brings on the fun to the red carpet but this time, she brought the glam with a custom made piece by Ralph Lauren.I looked at the piece and said to myself, I need something similar for church but wait a minute, this piece took 600hours to make. By days, that will be 25days of work. Not the type of work that your tailor does. I mean not the type that she keeps the dress hanging some place and says come back in 25days ???. They were working.According to a statement put out by Ralph Lauren, this piece was adorned with 168,000 crystals (hand embroidery) over lacquered silk lame tulle. To be honest, I really don’t know what that last part is but I know it’s a type of tulle fabric for sure and I know what crystals are. You can see it sparkling all over.To watch the making of the dress, head over to our Instagram page.If Ralph Lauren were to put a price to this piece, how much do you think it will cost?

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