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Memories Of The Luxury Street

Most of my favourite blogs seem to be reminding me so much of the summer holidays that is fast approaching. The weather is getting more humid in those continents that truly experience summer, cos in Naija we have summer almost all year round. Or am I the only one that has been feeling the cruel bites of the sun’s heat on my skin lately? Thanks to the rains that have managed to keep it cool lately. Not to digress, summer is almost here and for some, it’s time to pack a bag. Well, for me, I am not sure what Summer 2017 holds but I am reliving the memories from the places I visited in Summer 2016; one of which is this Luxury Street in Prague.

The place is actually called Pařížská Street but I termed it the luxury street because that is how I remember it. The street houses stores that carry top notch products or premium brands; brands which we refer to as luxury. The likes of Guerlain, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and I even spotted Beata, a Czech designer who makes a lot of her designs using Veba.Louis Vuitton

Jimmy Choo


Pařížská Street

Now, If you do find yourself visiting Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, and you are looking to buy luxurious products, you certainly know where to go.Oma Ehiri

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