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Recap of 2017

The last couple of days has been quite a blur but we choose not to forget how good the Lord has been to us. 2017 was a year of manifestation; a year in which the Lord constantly reminded usof what is really important. He took us from a place of depression to a mountain of elevation. He placed us on a stage for the world to celebrate his Glory inside of us.

If you recollect, the website crashed at the start of the year leaving us with very little to show from the year 2016. This took us back a whole lot as brands barely understood when there was no proof of all the work that we had put in. I cried so hard that I almost threw my hands in defeat but the key word here is almost and you know what they say, “almost doesn’t kill the bird”.

Not giving up got us our very first Awards- ELOY Awards Blogger Of The Year 2017 in the month of November which I have spoken so much about on the site but let me start off from the very beginning as we recount the experiences we had in the year 2017….


This was our month of recovery

Februarythe love lady

We had the Love Lady campaign as well as the lingerie event powered by The Lingerie Lust

MarchJoke Silva

This was one of our busiest months with the AMVCAs as I had to cater for a number of talents since I was still with Ascend Talent Management- a Talent Management company with clients such as Nse Ikpe-Etim, Tope Oshin, Joke Silva, OC Ukeje, Lala Akindoju, Joselyn Dumas and a host of others.


Margita Fuchsova, Oma Ehiri and Jana Masinova

Oma Ehiri with the Czech ambassador to Ghana, Margita Fuchsova and the Director of Exports Veba, Jana Masinova.

I left for Ghana to celebrate the Czech Days in Ghana and was hosted by the Czech ambassador to Ghana as a brand ambassador of one of the Czech owned companies, Veba.

As soon as I got back, we attended a number of events including the traditional wedding ceremony of Ngozi and Ifeanyi Nwagwu.

MayMercedes-Benz World PR Beauty Business Week

The highlight of May was the Mercedes Benz World PR Beauty Business Week where I was one of the organisers and also took over their social media page during the week. We were also media partners of the week.

JuneAFWN 2017

We had the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria which we participated fully in as a media partner but also as the brand ambassador of Veba, a textile company who showcased their new collection designed by Ofumam by Grace. In this same month was the Hallelujah festival that shook the world and caused a harvest of testimonies, many yet to be shared.


video editing class by feemo

In the previous month, I had a video editing class courtesy of Feemo Verse which led to the launch of our YouTube channel…… I would love to insert a clap symbol here because this was indeed a big deal for us. It was a defining moment for us that was well received.Nse Ikpe-Etim at AMAA 2017

In this same month was the AMAAs where I independently organized the glam team for Nse Ikpe-Etim as she hosted the ceremony. Independently becauseI was no longer a part of the Talent Management company.


Ngozi and Ifeanyi Nwagwu had their church wedding which took up most of my time that it seemed like the major project of the month.


September, September, September…. Hmmmm….. my girl Nancy and her man, Eniola Ositelu brought forth twins. That for me was the highlight of the month. My heart was so full of joy and I pray that the anointing that befell her may fall on me cos I desire to have twins of my own. Genetically, I have them in my bloodline and I believe that I can.


Fashion Week swept our feet and then I got the Instagram alert for our ELOY Awards nomination.

NovemberEloy Awards 2017

This was my best month of the year with the ELOY Awards win. I have spoken so much of it that I won’t bore you any further but trust to hear of it every now and again in 2018 until the next award ceremony. My prayer is that this win will bring us more recognitions and help us to conquer more territories. I am too excited for what this win will do for us. By this time next year, I will tell the tale.


We marked our 5th year anniversary and also got contracted by Oladiran Olusegun Adebutu Foundation as Petrolex launched a tank farm and OOA Foundation is the implementing partner of Petrolex’s CSR. I was put in charge of Abeokuta and with the team, we had a successful outing. Gradually, I get closer to my dreams of being appointed a digital media specialist by an international orgnaisation or a multinational company. Until then, we keep putting in the work.

And on that note, 2017 is a WRAP………

Share your highlight of 2017 in the comment section and let’s keep the conversation alive!

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