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The Act of Giving

The act of giving can sometimes be an uphill task for some people. This reminds me of the man in the Bible (Matthew 19:16-30). The story is about the man who wanted to have eternal life and Jesus asked him to keep all the commandments. He told Jesus that he has kept all of the commandments and wanted to know if he was still lacking in anything. Jesus then asked the man to sell off his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. The Bible says that the man went away sad because he was a wealthy man.

The man’s situation may sound rather extreme since Christ asked him to give away all he had but in our time, even when we ought to give just a fraction of what we have, many of us still feel embittered like this fellow.
Giving should be a way of life. It should be a practice among mankind. That is the only way we can receive the gifts we crave for and also bring down blessings upon ourselves. It is also the way we can help our society out of the stench of poverty and accelerate the rate of development in the society.
Valentine’s Day has come and gone and we exchanged gifts with our loved ones and those who we are in one form of partnership or relationship with. I have nothing against the act of giving gifts to loved ones.
I love to be given gifts as I get really excited at the sight of having something new especially when it is something I have always wanted. Imagine that same excitement coming from someone who has not had the luxury of possessing as much as a new pin. Imagine the joy that heart would feel and the prayers that would be poured forth from that individual on your behalf just to show gratitude.
Sometimes, giving is not just monetary. It could be simply showing you care to some person out there. Listening to their challenges and giving hope by words that you say. It could be a visit to the old people’s home to help in cleaning their residence.
Let us imbibe the act of giving not just to family and friends. Let us extend the act of giving to others who may have nothing to celebrate. Start from around you. Find that security man’s child who has been wearing the same cloth since you have known them and give her or him a new one. Find that home you can give a proper meal to.  Do something out of the ordinary. Most importantly, let the act of giving become a way of life.
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