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The King has Come!

I went to bed early hours of this morning amidst all the talks about the day. I was not particularly into the whole preparations. As far as I was concerned, it was just another day doing what I would normally have done on a day when there is a public holiday. Though, it seems like I have over grown buying new clothes and new shoes for the day, I was sure going to put on a new wear.
Few minutes as I laid my head to rest, I heard the sound of bells jingling and it seemed to be coming from my father’s compound. I wondered what someone was doing ringing not just a bell but bells at that time of the day and in my father’s compound. I tried to drown the sound but then, my brother rushed into my room, jerked me to wake up and said I had a guest. A guest? At this time? It seemed really hard to believe. I opened my eyes a little bit enough to view him and ask who it was. His reply was so unbelievable and I was upset that he woke me up for a joke.
Guess who he said it was? Santa! Seriously? Does it look like I was in the mood for jokes? Or were we acting a movie in Hollywood? I sighed at him and tried to sleep back but he seemed so serious. And with the bells still jingling loud, I felt maybe there was some kind of arrangement for some person to act like Santa and come visit the family. But really, it was too early to make such a visit.
I finally got out of bed, wore my favourite house coat and followed my brother. It was quite difficult keeping up with him as he was almost running and I was dragging my feet. He came back and pulled me by the hands. I got to the gate and behold, there was Santa in his chariot. It was full of lights and glittering so bright. This was certainly not some fake father Christmas. He sure looked like Santa in the Hollywood movies. I was perplexed and reached out to touch him and be sure he was really in my father’s compound.
He hugged me and wished me peace and love. I realised everyone outside had  a box of some sort and of different sizes. Santa handed over mine to me and said he had a special message for me. He told me to take a few seconds or a minute to prepare my heart, for the King has come and would be paying me a special visit. He said I was long overdue for the visit and the king had decided to keep his word. Then he said, ‘be sure to do as I have said and may you not be found wanting’. Then he left before I could ask any more questions and even my utter of gratitude was said to him whilst he was in the air.
I walked back to my room still not sure of what I had just experienced when I woke up.  It was all a dream but I was filled with so much joy unlike when I went to bed because, Santa may have been a dream but his message to me in that dream was true.
The king has truly come for the cocks crowed louder than normal, the sheep bleating so hard, the goats and cows doing their thing, the dogs and cats seemed to be playing together, the birds in the sky looked much more than ever before like they were gathering for a meeting; everyone looked so radiant and full of smiles. It sure is Christmas and the king has come. I said my morning prayers to truly prepare my heart ready to receive the King of all Kings, the king and CEO of the heaven and the earth. The king has come and I can feel it. Who is this King? He is our Lord, Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, the Prince of Peace and I am experiencing the peace  that comes with His presence .
Merry Christmas dear friends! I pray that you all will experience TRUE LOVE, INNER PEACE, and ‘UNQUANTIFIABLE’ HAPPINESS that comes with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Make merry and rejoice!


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