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The Morning Song

Good morning dear friends. I am so sorry that I had to run off for a few days. I had the final exams for my masters program a few days back and I had to take time off everything (except instagram) to relax and also study. Working and studying is such a huge deal  but in the end, I guess it is all worth it.

Today, I am just going to be taking you through one song that hasn’t left my lips and my heart for a long time. It is the only complete album I have allowed to occupy space on my phone and it puts me in the mood everytime.

I first discovered the album on my way back from school last year in a friend’s car and the particular song playing was dance for you. As soon as I heard the voice, I could tell it was TY Bello. The beats were so captivating that I couldn’t wait to download the music only to be told that there were more songs as it was an album and what is more, I could get it for free.

It took me days to truly discover the power behind this album. I wasn’t feeling Christmas Day but knew that I had to get up and go to church but I wanted to have to do that with gladness in my heart. I suddenly remembered that I had this album to download and the good thing was, as I downloaded, the songs played each track except I stopped it. That gave me a feel of the album before the download was complete.

I began to play the songs and before I knew it, I was in high spirits and even doing a chereography to the songs in my head. Usually, I would skip songs in an album but not with this one. I have my favourite which I could let do a repeat once in a while but never skipping a track.

The album has 11tracks on it and just if you are wondering, my favourite song is dance for you after which I am not sure if I can really get to pick what’s next. Now that I think of it, I would listen to them some more and then see if I can get a top 3 from the album because they all lift my spirit even the piece by Fela Durotoye.

I have had such an awesome experience with the moring song and just like the morning, it truly awakens your soul. I am trying to do a shoot and it just pulls me in the mood. It is one album that I would recommend to everyone and it is free. So, what do you have to lose by clicking THE MORNING SONG BY TY BELLO?

If you have heard the song, do let me know what you think.

With love,

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