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Good morning friends,
Simply watch the kind of friends you keep; they can make or mar you. You want to be successful, have friends that have that mindset so that you all can attract success. If you watch my circle closely, you can tell what I truly want in life at every moment. Call it famzing but I try to associate myself with people that can add value to my life and those who are willing to get value out of life. 
I am pretty sure Steve Harvey doesn’t expect you to abandon your friends who are broke though. He is just saying make sure that they are not comfortable with being broke. You all should motivate one another. 
Have this in mind as you start the week. 
For me and the rest of my colleagues at Genevieve Magazine, we are having a holiday after an awesome event on Saturday. Check out BellaNaija to view some pictures till I can get you some more on Wednesday. Enjoy your week darlings.

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