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Beauty Advice: Benefits and Usage of Eye Creams

Growing up, I always thought eye creams were only for people who were older. I was rather shocked when I turned 19 and my sister’s best friend started telling me to invest in eye creams. At first, I thought it was an insult, but after much explanation, she made me realize that how you look in your 50’s is very dependent on how you take care of yourself in your 20’s. The image above shows some eye creams recommended for every age group. In my skin care article, I had mentioned the stage at which an eye creams should be applied during your skin care routine. You do not need to buy the exact brands pictured above – just get the budget-friendly ones that have the same benefits.

When applying eye cream, it’s always advisable to place the cream on the outer corners of the eye and never close to the eye lid. If placed too close to the eye, it could cause irritation. It may even lead to more dark circles and puffiness because the eye cream would not be working effectively.

1. Use your fingers or a cotton swab to apply the cream half an inch below the eyes
2. Work the cream from the inner corner outwards using a tapping technique rather than rubbing or dragging the skin
3. Repeat this tapping motion a couple times, massaging the cream into the skin


Correct and Incorrect Application

1. Reduction of darkness under the eye
2. Reduction of circles and puffiness around the eye
Spot the Difference:
Like I said earlier, both the high-end brands and regular brands work the same. Jae, a participant in the 6 week eye cream challenge on the Total Beauty website in her 20’s, compared the Hylexin (High-end; $95 value) brand on her right eye and the Retinol Correction Eye Cream (drugstore; $20 value) on the left eye (Fig. 2). According to her, they achieved the same result, although it took a little bit longer for the drugstore brand to show results. So regardless of the brand, you will still get the desired results.

Note: This was a 6-week challenge, so you can follow this link to see more reviews from other people who took the challenge.


Jae’s eye cream before and after comparison

Hope this article has encouraged you to take better care of your skin while you’re still in your 20’s. But this is not for ladies only! It’s also important for men to use eye creams and there are a lot of brands that carry creams for men. Next week, I’ll list my eye cream recommendations for both men and women, so look out for that!

Felicita Ovadje
@felicheetaartistry (Instagram and facebook)

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