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Celebrating The National Day of The Czech Republic in Nigeria

The Czech Republic’s national day is marked on the 28th of October and every year, the Czech embassy in Nigeria has an event to mark that day. Last year, I did get an invite but couldn’t make it because a very good friend of mine was getting married and I couldn’t skip town. This year, I knew I wasn’t going to miss it for anything in the world.

The event which held at the residence of the Czech ambassador to Nigeria, had a number of important personalities in attendance including senators, business associates of the country as well as ambassadors of other countries to Nigeria.

The ambassador took it upon himself to welcome guests at the entrance with core staff members of the embassy. After which we had the national anthem of both Nigeria and The czech Republic, followed by a rather emotional address by the ambassador. The speech was quite short allowing people to network.czech ambassador to Nigeria

Veba Textile, a Czech based textile company had a mini exhibition stand for people to have a feel of the products and the reception was quite impressive. The fabric is definitely nothing like you know as it is made of the finest cotton. The designs are equally very unique as seen on members of the team and that is what I also have on.Veba

We also got to experience some Czech food as you will see in the video HERE but I settled for something more familiar. However, the Czech people seem to love pork and they certainly do not joke with their Beer. I had a taste of one which was non-alcoholic but still had that beer taste. I guess it gives people the opportunity to still have that beer feeling without tasting alcohol.

It was indeed an amazing event, better experienced from the video below;

See more pictures from the event;

All images were shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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