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Order In: Chinese Stir Fry Noodles

I am on a mission to finding new meals for my taste bud and this Chinese Stir fry noodles makes the list!

Last week Friday, the team and I got a delivery from Foodgrooveng and boy, it was indeed a groove. I will say it was a 2-course meal featuring an appetizer and the main course with a drink to properly digest the meal. However, we decided to share the meal amongst ourselves; Funke got the small chops and the fish while Ebuka and I shared the Chinese stir fry noodles. Before we get into it, here is a little bit of background information about the groove

Foodgrooveng is an online restaurant, but the food gets prepared somewhere in the heart of Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State. The lead chef, Nancy, started the business barely 8months ago after realizing how passionate she was about food. She did a lot of learning on her own but also attended some culinary trainings here in Nigeria to perfect her skills. From the taste of her meal, the team and I certainly do agree that she must have put a lot of work into her culinary skills.

Appetizerpuff puff

Have you heard that you can’t throw a Nigerian party without small chops? Well, if you haven’t, then let me be the first to announce it to you…. Sister, you cannot have a Nigerian party without small chops. And the major component is usually the puff puff. That’s why if the content of the plate is 10, the puff is 5. We ordered for just puff puff. Again, you get to choose what’s in your plate. From puff puff to spring rolls, samosa, gizzard, chicken, beef and cucumber. I guess when you call to place your order, Nancy give you more options.

Price: N500 per pack. You get discounts when you make bulk orders.

Main course: Chinese Stir Fry Noodles with Chicken and Croaker Fish.singapore noodles

For this, we had the Chinese stir fry noodles with croaker fish and chicken. Like I already mentioned, Funke had the fish. In her words, “the fish tasted very nice. Typical of croaker it was soft with less bones which is something that I am keen about. Less oil, well cleaned and rich.I liked it”.

Ebuka and I shared the Chinese stir fry noodles and I had the chicken. Do not be deceived fam, the Chinese stir fry noodles was a lot. If I was going to have it all by myself, that would mean consuming it within 2days which I am thinking of doing when next I order. We didn’t have the noodles until after my workout session on Saturday and it still tasted so good.

If you will like to store the Chinese stir fry noodles, we advise that you leave it in the plate that it came and put it in the refrigerator not in the freezer. When ready to eat, pour the meal into a hot plate and microwave or like I did, add some oil and a little bit of water into a frying pan, pour the meal into the pan and keep stirring until it is fully heated.

Now, I know you are waiting for the part where I tell you if the food tasted as yummy as it looks. The answer is yes! I will never be thinking of ordering some more if it didn’t taste so good. As you can see, it was garnished with veggies which is really important to me these days. Honestly, this is a really good meal. I have been so bored with my meals lately, so, having this definitely spices things up.

Price: N2000


We had Zobo as our accompanying drink which was okay. Zobo is a healthier alternative to sodas.

Price: N200

In all, the Chinese stir fry noodles is my favourite and comes in highly recommended by the team. If you are wondering what to gift your partner this season, how about you order this and send to his or her office as lunch. If you don’t want him to know where you got it from, well, you could order and have it packed in another bowl *wink*. All that matters is that you sent a good meal that took care of their appetite.

Beyond home and office deliveries in Lagos, Foodgrooveng caters for corporate and social events. Some of their daily meals include, soup and stew in bowls, small chops and grills, zobo, drinks, cocktail, noodles, jollof and so much more. To reach them, call 09065439938 or click that number to send them a WhatsApp message. They are also on Instagram, @foodgrooveng.

Are you fan of Chinese stir fry noodles? Let us know in the comment section.



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