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Do we need primers ????

In the past we have talked about using primers but we have never dedicated an article to talking about its benefits. One of the articles showed the benefit of using a primer with an eyeshadow and the other discussed briefly about face primers. There are different primers for face, lips and the eyes but today we will be discussing the benefits of using this beauty product in General regardless of the target area.

1. It helps with skin correction: As the beauty industry advances, we now have color correcting primers from companies such as Smashbox Photo finish primers, Cover girl, Makeup Forever and Maybelline. These help to correct skin discoloration and also make the skin look hydrated.

 Fig1: Smash box Color correcting primers

Fig1: Smash box Color correcting primers

2. Primers keeps your foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick in place: It acts as a base which allows your foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick to last longer by making sure its binds the product onto the skin. When done properly, there is an obvious difference in the final makeup look.
3. Primers create a smooth canvas for the makeup application: As stated above because it acts as a binder between the skin and the makeup, they tend to create a veil on the skin and help the skin to have a smooth finish after the makeup application.

 Fig3: Spot the difference!!

Fig3: Spot the difference!!

4. Primers disguise and minimise pores and mattify oily skin: I always say to my dry skinned sisters that they are blessed because when you have oily skin, you definitely need a primer to hide your pores. Tip: When shopping around, always make sure the primer of your choice has this benefit especially if you have oily skin. Such primers work to fill and smooth over the pores. Just like the picture shown above the mark on the ladies forehead looks faded out. From recent research amongst the beauty community the Becca Resurfacing Line + Pore Minimizing Primer is one of the best for our sisters who have oily skin.

5. It helps your skin look and feel more hydrated: As stated earlier some primers help with hydration and add to the hydration provided by the moisturizer. As we get into the dusty and cold months it is very important that our skin remain hydrated and fresh.
I hope this article has given us a better understanding of why primers are important!!

Felicita Ovadje
ProMUA Email:
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Photo Credit: Makeup Talk, Smash Box, Emellalabelle

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