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Editor’s Note: Celebrating Beauty In May

Oh May! The second month of the year that usually starts with a public holiday and we have about 2 other public holidays right after- the Children’s Day and Nigeria’s Democracy Day. This time, it will be another long weekend since the 29th is a Monday. This means that if you want to take a quick vacation some place, you can really start planning to do it that weekend.

Speaking of vacation, let me just take you back to the month of April before I roll out the plans for May. The highlight for the month of April was the visit to Ghana for the Czech days in Ghana. Veba did get to exhibit alongside other Czech-owned companies and we also had a mini fashion show which thrilled the audience. Veba is already getting ready for the next fashion show in June and in line with that, we do plan a really nice giveaway which should engage our followers on Instagram and have you promoting some of your favourite designs. So, turn on the post notification for @sotectonic, join our mailing list and get ready to hit the post button as soon as we do announce the competition.

Now to the business of the month. As you know, Mercedes-Benz Beauty Business Week is happening in this month. It’s barely 16 days away. In order to be in that beauty space, we will be making a lot of the contents this month about beauty. So for the next 30days, we will have a few beauty finds on the page that will interest you. We will not only be showing you these products, we will do a review of them and let you know our honest opinion about each of them. Let us be clear, we will try to bring you only the best and only the ones that we have tested and that even others have spoken highly about. Now, a lot of the products are by Zaron and that is because we did get a chance to try a ‘truck- load’ of their products so we can tell you some of our favourite and also how we use them to beautify our day. Besides, it’s a Nigerian brand and we really want to put them out there. We should all be shopping more Nigerian brands.

Other plans this month is the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Nigeria on the 4th of May after which the product will be made available for sale. Right about now, pre-registration is still on-going and with every purchase, you get a starter kit. GT Bank Food and Drink ends today. Still tired from the weekend but you can tag us when you attend and we can repost. We do hear it is amazing. Still in May is the Live Your Dreams Africa and then, the AMAAs, both of which are likely to be on the same day. The biggest one for Lagosians is the celebration of Lagos at 50. There will be lots of activities going on and we plan to plug into the lot that we can and let you know what’s going on at every point in time, as the information filters our way.

We still have other reviews from Tech to Travel and Fashion, inspiring you to acquaint yourself with the best possible lifestyle decisions. Speaking of lifestyle, Infinix has launched the S2 an S2 Pro with emphasis on the wefie- the ability to take a wide selfie shot. We have a few shots that we intend to publish. So, stay tuned for that. Mobile companies continue to leave us a plethora of options and as we get them, we will let you know what’s a great buy and what’s not.

May already sounds busy but fun and we are excited to share every part of the journey with you bringing you exclusive images of our everyday experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Stay beautiful; not just physically but also emotionally.  And share that beauty you carry within, with everyone around you!Oma Ehiri

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