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Gadgets to gift this Christmas

The eve of Christmas is upon us and we are assuming that if you are yet to get your loved ones gifts for the season, then today is about that time. For us, we have drawn up a beauty list by Felicita which you should check out here but this outlines 5 gadgets to gift this Christmas.

There are a number of gadgets in town but getting that one which will blow the mind of the recipient is of utmost importance. Based on our reviews and experiences this year, here is our top 5;

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plussamsung-galaxy-s6-edge

This device is the best device that Samsung has released this year in terms of the design and the picture quality. The edges are unique just like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge but bigger yet remains light. We don’t want to give away too much as our official review of the device in the new year will carry all of that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5whitenote5_600x600_grp

This is another good gadget to gift this Christmas in the line of notes which is a great one for creatives or so do many of the creatives say. We still love our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus but if you want the pen, then only the Note 5 can give you that.

Redmi 2redmi 2

This device is by Xiaomi and is exclusively available on Jumia. We will also be bringing you a detailed review in the new year but, it has this feature that we love to play with- it guesses people’s age. Camera quality is quite okay and it stands as an affordable smartphone.

Blackberry Passportblackberry passport

The box that comes with the blackberry passport makes it an amazing gift when wrapped up leaving the recipient guessing what’s in it. It also serves as a smartphone and even a tablet. Still does all the things that you want your blackberry to do but gives you more features and better visual quality.

Lenovo P70lenovo p70

We recommend this device for all those who love a device that can power another device and last longer.

What gadget are you looking to have this Christmas?

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