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The world celebrated World AIDS day on the 1st of December. Many of us may not have known or may have known but did not take any particular interest in it. After all, we do not have the syndrome and do not wish to have it (some may say). This is a wrong mentality as it affects each and everyone of us because the spread of the disease affects development. Thus, it is our responsibility to get informed.

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is an infectious disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). There are two variants of the HIV virus, HIV-1 and HIV-2, both of which ultimately cause AIDS. AIDS can be transmitted in various ways; sexual contact with an HIV infected person, From an infected mother to an unborn child, exposure to HIV contaminated blood, un-sterilized needle sticks or blood fluid splashes. It can not be transmitted by handshake or other casual non-sexual contact, coughing or sneezing or by blood sucking insects such as mosquitoes (culled from the free dictionary by Farlex. Visit to read more……..Other information can be accessed on
As I browsed the net yesterday to view the various events that went down to commemorate the day, I came across a site with write ups by Jermaine Wright. His posts were quite revealing but this particular one caught my attention, the GIFT GIVERS. Since it was a site that was creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, I thought the gift givers were those who gave out support to the People Living With HIV and AIDS. But, I was wrong. 
The GIFT GIVERS, in this context, are People Living With HIV and AIDS and choose to consciously and deliberately spread the virus. I found this rather ridiculous and absurd and to think that they could care less. They sometimes want to justify their act but really, can it be justified? Read Jermaine Wright’s story on the GIFT GIVERS. In this story, a party was organised where the GIFT GIVERS had unprotected sex to transmit the disease.
Dear loved ones, our lives are precious to the society and indeed vital to move our continent forward. Let us try as much as we can to abstain and where the spirit is willing but the body is weak, please , use a condom! More importantly, know your status and that of your partner. Let us put an end to the spread of  the virus.
 …………………………….Stay Negative; Stay Alive!
For more information on the World AIDS day, campaigns and awareness, visit National AIDS Trust.
WORLD AIDS DAY IN PICTURES ( sources include UNAIDS and International Business Times)


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