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Girls hangout at The Cookie Jar Store in Palms

Have you visited The Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki lately? You must have noticed some cute little stickers directing you to The Cookie Jar store which is located somewhere around that restaurant outside. If you were inside KFC, you could see the store but there is no connecting door. So, you need to get into the store from the outside.

After the Luxury Beauty Brunch, I decided to go grab free cupcakes with some ladies- Deola, Coco and Kunbi. I just met Coco but I have known Kunbi a little and Deola is that friend I meet at almost every event and she is one supportive naughty girl. I got a big heart for her. So, hanging out with them seemed like a good idea and trust and believe when I say, I had fun gisting and laughing hard with these ladies.

Just so that I don’t drift, just at the entrance of the store is this very polite security lady who welcomes you in. Then, there is the person who attends to you butt we got lucky and had the Chef himself attend to us, Chef Eros. 20151121_151838He was all smiles at the counter, helping us with selecting what kind of beverage we should take. He did give us some small coupons which entitled us to some free items. I got the red velvet cupcake with a plain milkshake while the other 3 ladies had either a cookie or a doughnut but they also chose to have some alcohol in their beverage so they chose the Oreo Whisky Milk shake.20151121_153845

While we waited for our order to come, I just slouched into one of the very comfortable sofas in the store and believe me, if I could, I would have just had a nap right there. It was so comfortable! The orders came in about 10 minutes, we used another 5 minutes to savor the look of the goodies and take pictures of them before eating.20151121_154209

I loved the milk shake that I had and the cup cake was absolutely delicious. I even got a complimentary cupcake  with the orders. I don’t know what my cupcake cost but the beverage is N1500 only.20151121_151753

If you are around the mall and need a place to chill with your friends, ditch the food court for a while and visit The Cookie Jar store. It is cool, classy and comfy.20151121_152631

If you have been there, let me know what you think.

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