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2020: The Year We Save And Invest More.

Why slack when we can make an additional source of income simply by joining the smart people who save and invest?

In 2019, I relaunched a business. In order to make things easier, I decided to use a separate account for the sales. One of the major reasons being that the ATM for that bank account has expired. I was determined to accumulate the money from that business for as long as I could, using money from my other businesses to repurchase goods when the need arises. A few times, money crossed into other accounts especially after the launch of my e-commerce website but for the most part, the sales from that business went into that account.

In 6months, the business had brought in some 6figures, most of which was left untouched in that bank account. I was happy to see the proceeds of the majority of the sales, sitting in that account without having to do any intense checks and balances. Of course, I need to work out what was the profit from the business but that is not the crux of today’s story.

The money discovery….

Fast forward to December 2019, I discovered Backup Cash – a product that allows you to save and invest. At this point, I was going to do some work with their parent body, SFS Nigeria. So, I was already doing my research on the company and discovered some investment options that I should really take advantage of to grow my money. If only half the world, especially young people, realised that you do not need a huge sum of money to start an investment plan. Well, I made my enquiries and decided I was going to start with the SFS Fixed income fund which is AA rated and listed.

A few days later, I began to understudy the Backup Cash product as well. I needed to know more because all this talk about being able to save and invest on one platform seemed grandiose. So, I signed up and started studying the interface. I made a deposit of 1000 Naira and 2days ago, I got a message saying it has yielded me N2.31. Don’t forget that I have had money in a bank for 6months now that has yielded me zero interest.

Action steps….

Today, I am taking steps to save and invest the profit I made from that business into My Backup Cash account. I also intend to activate the locked savings on that account. In other words,  we cannot touch the money for a set time. I wish to do this for every profit I make in 2020. The same will apply to my earnings from clients who hire me for digital media services.

Gone are the days when I was financially ignorant. When I allowed the banks to trade with my money, I remained at the same spot. Now, I know better and I intend to do better. Savings and investment is my main focus this year. I have seen colleagues buy cars and some go for vacation using savings platforms. I have seen people equally start a business simply by staying committed to saving. These are things that have inspired me to think big and take these steps.

In summary, my biggest money discovery in 2019 is the save and invest opportunities. With Backup Cash, you get the benefits of both worlds. The platform also has a WhatsApp bot that makes saving a lot easier. To get started, click You can also register via web, and please use my ref code, f3b4242a ?. I get 10points when you do. Inside gist, Backup Cash still has the highest rate. Others have dropped drastically. Do your maths!

Here’s to turning over the money that we have, making our money work for us and increasing our wealth. Happy New Year!

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