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Software Application Failure- The Current Dilenma of Air Peace.

Ever since I had an awful experience with Arik and my phobia for Dana air, Air Peace has become my choice airline. Unfortunately, they seem to be having a problem, one that is causing the counters to be flooded with angry and impatient customers- a software activation failure.

Last week, I booked a flight on the Air Peace portal like I always do but this time, I got debited but did not get any confirmation email. This got me concerned and we tried to check manually online with the booking number but got an error message. As one who believes that technology has made life easy, I decided to send them an email, followed up with several calls to the customer service numbers but couldn’t get through.

After 3days of trying with no success, I had to head for the airport to resolve the issue. Lo and behold, I met a really massive crowd that got me scared.
From the ticketing point to the customer service, the queues were over flowing with people, many of whom were really upset at what they felt was inefficiency of the company. As a matter of fact, I also wondered why we had so many people yet very few people to attend to our needs (That will be story for another day).

Fortunately for me, I had Jay to help me. If you are yet to meet Jay, click HERE. While he went to the complaint desk, I stayed close just incase anything came up. It was while I stayed there that I discovered that the company was having to attend to people manually because the systems were having issues. One of the on ground staff did mention, that Air Peace had just changed their software. Unfortunately, the software failed and has brought the company more problems that they could ever anticipate. He said that the company changed the software to enable them cater for the festive season but failed to try out the software before activating it fully. When I asked the on ground assistant why they failed to try out the app, he mentioned that the person in charge is one who fails to listen to anyone believing that he or she knows it best.

Well, it is good to know that the company realises that they have a problem and I want to believe that they are looking into it. In the words of a customer, “This Air Peace is a disaster”! I have not had any flight issues with them until now. Thus, I cannot exactly conclude. If truly they have a problem that affects their customer service, then I have a problem because I am not sure what airline to fall back on.

Word of advice: Stick to buying your tickets from the Air Peace office to avoid having this issue that I had while we await the recitification of their software. Also do not think that your lunch break is sufficient. You need more than an hour. If you are also flying out, get there in record time lest you miss your flight.


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