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The Importance of A Content Calendar

Here’s how a content calendar can help you in managing the content of that business or brand under your care. You will likely find it very insightful.

Remember how I started last month excited about sharing some financial lessons with you? I even went on my Instagram page to celebrate the consistency that was set to happen. Not because I was speaking it into existence but I had done the work. All 15 articles for the financial lessons were done and I had the plan in motion on how to script the videos for the lessons that will go up each week. Everything looked set including the content calendar until technology happened.

I erroneously used the control delete button for the folder that housed the articles. Unfortunately, they were not the only articles that I had in that folder. Articles from last year, content ideas and so much more, all gone because I decided to declutter the home page of my laptop. I was heartbroken but quite frankly, I refused to be so hard on myself. I tried a few things but nothing worked. Then, I decided to try re-writing the articles.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t come back to me. I started struggling with some of the lessons and I suddenly started to think that, splitting these lessons into topics may not be such a great idea right now. I may have to just do one article with all the lessons but first, I need to come up with those lessons in the way that I even worded them initially. New lessons started coming to mind but I was missing the initial lessons.

How My Content Calendar Helped Me

Fast forward to getting ready for July, I decided to open the content calendar that I had created for June. The idea is to clean it out and start inputting the content pieces for July. Guess what I found? The quotes associated with the financial lessons. Now, what I had done was to have the financial quotes which were the lessons. Then, I developed topics out of these lessons. So, looking at the quotes, I already can tell what each article was about.

Well, I have moved on from developing 15 articles on this. At least, not now. However, this comes as a great relief because I can still share the financial lessons with you in one article but have all the lessons that I had initially planned. I just have to be less expressive so that the word count isn’t cumbersome but also, enough to give you the background behind each lesson.

From my story, you can see one of the many reasons why having a detailed content calendar is key in digital media management and communications.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Content Calendar

  1. Helps you to stay organized and more productive
  2. It helps with batch creating since the calendar is there to serve as a guide for what is to come.
  3. Should you encounter content block or lack inspiration, there is something to lean on.
  4. Team members have a sense of direction ensuring they deliver their tasks in a timely manner.
  5. It enforces consistency

If you will like to learn more about creating content calendars or, you will like me to create one for you, your brand or your business, send an email to There is most likely a package for your budget.

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