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Tips To Avoid Gaining Extra Weight

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Summer has set in though looking at the weather conditions of other countries that claim summer at this time of the year, I am not certain if we should join them in saying summer since our weather at this time differs. Whatever the case may be, we have come to accept it as the right terminology for this time of the year and one thing is almost certain, alot of people fix their holidays for this time of the year.
While on vacation, we tend to be so relaxed which is the reason for the vacation but, living a lifestyle that makes you add extra pounds to your weight shouldn’t be encouraged especially if you really do not want that to happen. To ensure that doesn’t happen, find some tips as shared by Tara Zimliki, who is a trainer and nutritionist, in her article, 7 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain While on Vacation. I did summarize the article though.

Just because you are on vacation does not mean your fitness life should also go on vacation. Still put that in your routine. When you get up every morning,. go for a run or ride a bike if you know how to ride one. I look forward to running a lot when I travel since I do not get the opportunity to do that here because of my work schedule.  When going out, if the distance is about three blocks away, you are advised to walk. That way you burn off extra calories. You also get the added benefit of having a closer view of your environment.

I do not know how many people can do this but if you can, try eating in. If you must eat out, limit it to 1ce a day. To do that, Tara says you should go food shopping. I don’t know how many hotels will allow you fix your meals so, may be you should just get healthy meals and stock them in the fridge. Make salad a major part of your meal. This will prevent you from having stomach upset.

Appetizers and Desserts
As much as you want to try new meals while on vacation, skip the appetizers if you can. I almost never have appetizers. I just do my main meal and maybe dessert. For dessert, be moderate about it. You don’t want to get bloated.

When I leave for vacation, I will check my weight and as soon as I get back, I will check my weight again to see that I didn’t add any extra pounds. I will rather lose some more *lol*. Got more ideas on how we can make sure that we don’t add any etra weight while on vacation, do share on the blog.

By Oma Ehiri


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