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Trend Report: The Bubu Life

Growing up, this was probably not one of the most liked outfits by the youngsters who wanted to show all of their figures in body hugging outfits but for some of us, it was one of our favourites. May be not just the Bubu, but just about any outfit that doesn’t cling to your skin and gives you the comfort that you so desire.

Today, the Bubu is back with a more stylish and fashionable twist. It has become the go to outfit for any lady who needs to get dressed real quick and still maintain her fashion confidence. There are many ways to rock the Bubu and they also come in varying designs made of varying fabrics. Here are a few that we spotted in town.

00 4302657_DSC_0560 Floral-bubu-African-style-inspiration-Velma-Williams-curvy-blogger-Fashion-Rehab-02 For-The-Life-Of-Mimi-Onalaja-Fablane-by-Derin-blue-bubu iamISIGO-Taboo-Collection-Bellanaija-January2015021Which of these is your favourite?

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