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True Talk: Bae is Formed

This week on True Talk is the dilemma faced by a young girl whose boyfriend is holding on to a habit that is ruining the love they share.

Nneka has been dating Emeka for about 2 years now. They genuinely love each other or so they think. Emeka spoils her with gifts and Nana showers him with affection but their love has a problem- Bae is formed.

Nneka has been tolerating Emeka’s state of drunkenness since they started dating. Unfortunately, she actually met him at a club where he was completely drunk and acting in the most embarrassing manner. He was left by the club house when she took pity on him and decided to take him home. By the next day, he swore that it was a one time thing which was triggered by the frustration he was going through that week at work. They became friends and the rest is what you saw in the second paragraph.

2 years down the line, Nneka has come to discover that what seemed like a one time thing, was actually a habit. She was determined to stay by Emeka and see if she could cause him to drop this drunken habit. Unfortunately, every time she tried to speak to him about it, he took offence saying that she was insinuating that he has a problem…… pause a while here….. Doesn’t he actually have a problem?

On the last occasion before Nneka chose to speak up, Emeka beat her up in that state. While nursing her injuries, Emeka came visiting Nneka and in what seemed to him like an apology, he said, “When you met me, I was drunk. Why then are you trying to take away my happiness. You ask me to change but I am already formed. You really need to accept me for who I am”.

Did someone read that right? Bae says he is formed leaving Nneka with a choice, a choice that many other girls who think they are in love may refuse to see. Bae is formed but before you lies the choice to stick by his formation or leave him to find another who can deal with his formation.

Nneka is still confused as to what choice to make. Let’s help Nneka make a choice today! What do you think Nneka should do?

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