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Young Catholic Professionals And Workers Say No To Violence Against Women And Girls

To commemorate the 16days of activism against gender-based violence campaign declared by the United Nations Women, I called upon the Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) of St. Alphonsus Akute and the Young Catholic Workers of St. Benjamin Olowura, to use their End of the Year party as a medium to take action loudly and visibly on the matter.

I am so glad that they obliged my request even on short notice as this is a project that is so close to my heart. The event which took place on the 6th of December 014 at the Elegushi beach was very colorful with almost all the members in orange custom made shirts. While we had all the fun we could to end the year joyfully, we were able to pass the message to those we came in contact with. 
A number of professionals have over time been recorded to have gone through phusical, sexual or psychological violence, particularly the women. There was an issue some years back of a banker whose husband murdered. This is just one in many. In some organisations, it is no issue for a superior to assault a surbodinate as the superior will end up facing little or no penalty which gives them the liberty to continually perpetuate this act.

Unfortunately, the rate of unemployment is so high that those who have the jobs guard it jealously, irrespective of the cruel treatment metted out on them by their employers. This is a clarion call to all owners of companies to look into such acts and ensure that every staff is given a conducive environment to work.
I am grateful to all who came out to support the campaign that day but especially to the YCP and the YCW who allowed me to use their platform on such a short notice. May God bless and reward you all. May our Mother Mary whose son we expect this season, continue to intercede for us and may the joy of the season fill our hearts. 

I also used the opportunity to present the goodies to the winner of the anniversary giveaway. I am so glad that she was able to make the event and also attended my family thanksgiving party the next day. Thank you Roseline.  


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