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7 Years A Blogger; A Defining Moment!

7 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. which earned me the title, Blogger. At the time, it was hosted on Blogspot and the URL was I cannot remember if I have ever told this story. So, I am going to take you back a little, highlighting some key historic moments leading to the brand, SoTectonic.

How it all started!

It all started with my need to relive my secondary school days as a writer. I wrote some of the best articles in the school’s magazine. If you ever visit the Holy Child College, ask the librarian for a copy of The Cornelian. Every magazine published while I was still a student had a piece written by me. In fact, my classmates will tell you that saying a piece is putting it modestly because if you flip through the pages, one will think that I was the publisher of the magazine. There were lots of articles, reports and more written by me.

After graduation, I did very little writing in the University. If only I had thought about becoming a blogger, maybe I could have taken advantage of the many opportunities that existed then. Whilst I was doing my National Youth Service (NYSC), I began to crave the need to write. Then a friend mooted the idea of becoming a blogger. I was scared of spending so much money owning a website and almost backed down. Only then did he tell me that I could have a free platform on Blogspot and he will teach me how to run it.Oma Ehiri

What was I going to write?

Easy. I was neck deep into social work. I had a strong passion for social development and my line of work fueled it even more. This was how we came up with the first part of the name, Socio. However, it needed to be more, I thought. I went to my friend who is an engineering graduate. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea seeing that many have associated the brand to be tech-related but truly, I looooooove the name, SoTectonic.

Well, my friend must have googled up a few things after I told him what I was going to focus on. And then, he came up with the word, Tectonic. It sounded really cool and the meaning swept me off my feet. So, I went for it. Someday, I hope to write a book and all of this and more will be embedded inside of that book. I hope I find the strength, courage and time to make that a reality.

Over the years, we have evolved. I have evolved as a blogger. In fact, I may have been a little distracted. Our reports began to include quite a lot of stories beyond the initial purpose of the blog. We moved to a paid platform but not without having to change the name, a story for another day or should I say, for the book.

7 years a blogger.

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, I have done some soul searching; checks and balances. I have revisited the past in a bid to once again, define our purpose. One thing is clear, I am very passionate about expression via writing. Another being that I love to tell stories, impactful stories. Lastly, I never stopped loving social development particularly as it concerns the life of young people. Hence, we are still very much a lifestyle brand but focused more on impact.

In this new year, we will continue to tell the stories of brands and people who are making an impact. People and brands who can ultimately affect the lifestyle of young people. This will cut across various industries- fashion, beauty, skincare, travel, entrepreneurship and business. Young people are not just the future. They are the now and our responsibility is to ensure we make the right decisions today for the sake of better living and the generations after the blogger in Czech Republic

Lesson learnt

In summary, the one lesson I have learnt in the past 7years is to not lose sight of your vision. There will be distractions along the way, very tempting offers that may get you carried away. You need to find yourself at every point and get back to the goal. Focus is key friends for each day, brings with it a new challenge. Not forgetting that change is the only constant thing. The key to winning is in evolving but the vision must never be lost in that evolution.

I am excited about this new season as I look forward to building an even stronger brand. We also have some activities planned out including the blogversary outreach. At the moment, we are collating nominations from you. All you need to do is click this link and nominate a single mum or widow who really needs this food basket.

In conclusion, to everyone who has supported the brand and for the brands we have worked ever so closely with, we are grateful. To you our readers, the Tectonic tribe, thank you for always visiting the website. Keep reading, share more and leave a comment.

Happy new month friends and happy 7th blogversary to us!

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