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All The Essentials For Surviving GTBank Fashion Weekend

Get ready for a good outing with these essentials at GTBank fashion weekend 2019!

It’s time for another edition of GTBank fashion weekend. However, there are certain essentials you need to arm yourself with whilst you run in between the fashion presentations, street style, the masterclasses, the runway shows or even taking a  walk through the exhibition stands. After attending 2 previous editions, we have just the right list for you.


If you will be applying makeup, you need a primer, strong enough to withstand the heat. I recommend nyx.


Never walk into all that sun without protecting your skin. There are lots of sunscreen options- the cream and the spray. I have both. Just make sure to apply them generously.


In my YouTube video, I shared that I was going to shop new sunglasses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that after such a long day in traffic. You need sunglasses to give that illusion that you are protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun. It is equally fashionable.


This is my holy grail for events like this. If I feel like I am burning out, I will simply spray a little and I will feel good again. I use thermal spring water by Avene.

Baby wipes:

If you get sticky from the heat, try not to reapply your deodorant. At least, not without getting fresh with some baby wipes. It always does the trick. Clean up with the wipes and then, you can reapply your deodorant for some extra fresh smell.

A bag:

You most definitely need a stylish bag to go through the day and we recommend a mini bag. However, if you need to go with a lot of things, maybe a tote bag or a backpack. All f these are avaialble on


It is going to get really hot especially if you end up on the streets. An electronic fan or a hand fan will do. You can even go the traditional route and stash some papers together *smiles*. Not to worry, in previous editions, the bank has provided a hand fan. Maybe it will be same this year.

Cash and credit card:

You need both- cash and your credit card. The POS machines may experience a downtime. However, we also do not encourage you to come through with a lot of cash. Though, with the N50.00 charge by CBN, I will rather be shopping with cash than a credit card.

Power bank:

GTBank fashion weekend starts at 10am and ends at 10pm. This means that your phone will be busy and will most likely need to get powered at some point. Case in the note- come through with a power bank.

Lots of water:

You are going to get dehydrated at some point in the show. So, our advice to you is that you come ready with some bills to get as much water as is needed. Except you plan to bring a cooling van or a cooler with ice, I do not recommend that you bring your own water from home. It will get hot and you need something chilly to normalise your body temperature should the weather get hot.

I have a video on this, do check it out!

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