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Oma’s closet: Versace Eros Pour Femme

Last week, I got a new fragrance added to my closet, the Versace Eros Pour Femme. What is even most exciting is that  I got it before it gets launched in Nigeria this weekend.

The Company Says:

Eros Pour Femme is the ultimate in power and seduction from Versace, from the captivating fragrance to the elegance of the bottle. A fragrance of strength, individuality and seduction from artistic director Donatella Versace.

People’s Reaction:

“This smells really nice”- Ada Okafo

“I love Versace and with this, they have really impressed me”- Mrs. Eboru

“Versace outdid it with this one. They certainly put in so much effort. I love the packaging”- Jude

“When I first saw it, I thought it was a bible. The smell is quite strong and I like it”- Pearl

My Verdict:


Like Pearl said, one would think it is a bible at first sight until you pull it out and the content is revealed. Everything really is in gold except for a few inscriptions on the body in black. Creative concept they have got there and one pack that I do not plan to toss in the bin like all the others. This is because I plan to keep the pack and use it for something like say a jewelry box or even just to decorate my closet. I love this and Versace, you got me with this one.

Bottle 20150622_110733

I guess this is also quite different from all the others that I have in my closet. It is a crystal bottle that is circular in shape with some gold engravings and the Versace logo bold on it. The cap is gold and yet again got the Versace logo on it. The ultimate decorative item for the house if you ask me.


Versace says erotic, seductive…. just all the sexy words you can think of and this fragrance is lives up to it. I can just see your man craving your presence with this scent on you. Add some spice to your love life and get your man to fall in love all over again with you. Not only am I confident to bring out the bottle, I am comfortable to stay so close to whoever wants to have a conversation with me. And just what every lady wants, it is long lasting!


You can get a bottle from Essenza or Montaigne place as soon as it is launched and for every bottle that you purchase this weekend, extra luxury items will be added to your pack. I am so looking forward to the launch and I hope to see you around. The Luxury Book is actually giving away some bottles. See @theluxurybook on Instagram or The Luxury Book on Facebook for more details.

Enjoy more pictures of the bottle below:

20150622_111752 20150622_111014 20150622_110853 20150622_110938Enjoy the rest of your week!


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