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Reflections: The Twelfth Month

My first picture on the blog. Photo Credit: Steve
I remember this day, two years ago, and how I started this blog with the sole intention of promoting developmental programs and inspiring people to look into investing in community works. It started out well and then I had a breach. Got inconsistent in publishing due to a number of things which were time consuming at the time. 2013 wasn’t different either as I can’t remember publishing as much.
This year, I was able to redesign the path which the blog should go and thought it was worth the effort to try publishing as often as possible. Started with once a week and then three times a week. Now, it is about almost every day. I also diversified in order to accommodate the needs of all my readers in terms of fashion, style, events, reviews while still leaving the regular articles that spur you to action. Apparently, my readers have come to love the blog despite my shortcomings and spurred me to continually develop new content for them.
Today, I look back and I am glad that I haven’t stopped blogging rather, I have continued to develop and seek new ways to make the blog a true lifestyle and inspirational blog, promoting and inspiring all. I still wish I had more feed backs in terms of comments, though I admit a number of people would rather reach out to me via email or BBM. But your comments makes the post more conversational and spurs others to learn more. This was why I made my anniversary giveaway about commenting so that you can be as visible as possible.
The lesson for me in all of these as I reflect today and start a new phase in the blog and start the last month of this year, is to keep striving at whatever you do. If you have a passion, nurture it and do all you can to make time out to see it come to fruition. It may not be as easy as people assume it to be but you know how tasking it is; look beyond the challenges and forge ahead because, you are sure to touch the lives of many without even knowing it.
I use this as an opportunity to call on all bloggers to watch the quality of what we publish. I was speaking with the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fibresima, and she talked about the fact that blogs have become the major source of information for the world. However, she wished young bloggers would make sure that their information is accurate before they publish. No doubt, gossip drives a huge amount of traffic to a blog but whatever beat you choose to blog about, assume a level of professionalism which would carve a niche for you. 
I love my readers so much and I will continue to develop as many content as I can to satisfy your needs. I am open to ideas and criticisms which will make me better. To all those who wish to contribute to the blog, do not hesistate to contact me as I have more than enough slots for you as long as it will inspire my readers. They come first and their interest is my priority. As a way to show my appreciation to you all, I started an anniversary competition which I mentioned earlier in the post and it is due today. The winner of that competition is Roseline Eyenike. Kindly contact me for your 25k worth of goodies which includes a Guerlain high shine lip gloss, Dark and Lovely Braids and Weaves range, a range of Sofy Pad, Maybelline false nails, a pen, Bolwin Wow Lipstick, An evolution hair spray, shampoo and conditioner, Herstyler serum, a copy of my first cover with Genevieve Magazine, the campaign shirt on the need to end violence against women and girls. Also, should I have events in 2015, Miss Roseline Eyenike will have an automatic invite to that event. 
I cannot end today’s post without calling your attention to the World Celebration today- World AIDS Day. Though the disease looks like it has been over shadowed by recent trends in the medical world, it still exist and it is very important that we tread with caution. Noticeably, it is not only contracted through sex but unsterilized sharp objects. For those who will be taking part in my 90days Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, part of the safety will be to purchase your own hair tools and avoid as much as you can, the salon hair tools used for all customers. While preaching safety, let us also remember to show love to People Living With HIV and AIDS. The stigmatisation is what hastens their death. Let us treat them with dignity and respect. They deserve that from us. 
Finally, the 16days campaign on the need to create awareness on the elimination of violence against women and girls, with the theme, Orange Your Neighbourhood, is still on. On the 6th of December, a group of professionals and I will be at the beach to spread the message even as we have fun. I enjoin you to be a part of it and let’s add our voices to that of those who have already been speaking way before now. The more we are, the faster the message will spread!
I love you all and I wish you a wonderful Yuletide season. Do not hesistate to drop your commenst on the blog. You can just wish you and I, a happy anniversary celebration. Lest I forget, the Africa International  Fashion Week begins today at the Oriental Hotel. You can get your tickets at Quite a lot of Fashion shows going on in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, my family willl be having a thanksgiving with everyone thanking the Lord for everything. You can join my family and I to celebrate. Send me your contact if you wish to come and I can send you the details.
Happy Anniversary to all Sociotectonic Readers, friends and critics,


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