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Revolving makeup trends (from the 20s to date)

Once upon a time, I thought the fashion and makeup trends during my parents’ era were old-fashioned. It turns out that these trends just come back from time to time without us even realizing it. I would like to point out that before the 1920’s, there was a myth that nice girls did not wear makeup. Well, we’ve proven them wrong for the past ninety-odd years with revolvinga nd evolving makeup trends. Check them out below.

20’s :

makeup trendsThe Roaring Twenties’ looks were dark, mysterious, vamp, heavy kohl-rimmed eyes, and the dark-coloured, Cupid’s bow lip. It was all about rounded brows and eye shadow with some pink blush on the apple of the cheeks. Today, we see this look replicated by celebrities like Brandy.

30’s :

makeup trendsThe ladies of the Threadbare 30’s stayed elegant with sophisticated, softer eyeshadows; blended socket with heavy lashes; and mascara. The blush was sculpted on to the cheeks and they had fuller lips compared to the Cupid’s bow lip of the 20’s. The brow shape was a little bit more rounded from start to finish. Today, we have what we call the cut crease, which is inspired by the style of the 30’s.


40sThe ladies of the 40’s had barely-there eyeshadow and eye liner smudged through the lashes, topped with long and arched brows. The sculpted cheeks and fuller red lips were still go-to trends. From the bridal inspiration (3rd picture) created by Kemi Kings, a makeup artist based in London, UK, it’s obvious that this trend is back.

50’s :50s

This era was all about the 50’s Flick (the eyes were lined like those of the Egyptians). Orange and pink became as popular as the classic red lip. Like in the previous decade, ladies kept their brows strong and arched and their cheeks sculpted.


During this era, makeup artists stayed away from heavy eye shadow. Instead, it was all about applying a strong eyeliner to the upper and lower lid. Also popular at the time were heavy highlighters and false lashes; sculpted cheeks; and lips in pale brown, soft pinks and peach.


Brows were slightly arched and thin in the Disco Era. The lips were glossy and there was a lot of highlighting and shading (what we now call the contour routine). Using pencils for definition, the Disco Queens kept their eyes very colorful.

80’s : 80s

The 80’s style of makeup was more glamorous; it was matte and strong, and it consisted of blended sockets with liner on the top and bottom of the lids. Red and pink lips with natural heavy brows were also a trend in this era. We can see a similar look on award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

90’s : 90s

It was all about the natural look, with the matte or glossy natural lip, when the 90’s came along. The brows were once again thin, and thin lip and eye liners also made a comeback, this time with the natural contoured face.

Now, we are in the 2010’s and we are just picking up any trend that catches our fancy lol!

So, are our parents really that old school when it comes to makeup

Felicita Ovadje
@felicheetaartistry (Instagram and facebook)
Featured image via PinInterest

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