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Etiquette: Handling Dressing dilemma when you travel

I am sure you may have heard the saying “You are addressed by the way you dress.” Right? Dressing professionally and appropriately is an important aspect of your travel. You risk making a negative first impression, if you’re not wearing appropriate clothing. This could also set the tone for how you will be perceived throughout the duration of your trip.

Just in case, you’re in doubt on what to wear, dress conservatively whilst bearing in mind, the norm in the city/country you’re visiting. For example, some require females to adorn attires that are not body revealing, while the men are expected to wear formal wears. If still unsure, please stick to a formal wear or a business causal to be on a safe side.

Do you know that your dressing could also serve as a very good ice breaker and conversation starter? If you ask me I will tell you that in most cases when I travel, people are always eager to find out more about me as a result of my dressing (native attires). So why not dress for the occasion, make new connections and put a shine on your self-esteem. I will leave you with a favourite of one of my Mentors “Always make sure that you’re dressed up for Success.”

So don’t forget to remember that you MUST matter where it matters!

Etiquettely yours,



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