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Why I Started My Blog (SoTectonic)

I started this blog to share stories that informed, inspired and could positively impact lives!

As a young graduate, I had the opportunity of getting a job with the Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Millennium Development Goals, Ogun State. This was barely one week after graduating, a story that I intend to share someday on my YouTube channel. I actually ended up doing my National Youth Service there and was retained but I didn’t get to stay long as I had to leave for my masters.

While with the Office of the Special Adviser, I was also given the responsibility to coordinate volunteers for the Office of Ogun State’s First Lady. This meant that I was a part of almost every activity that she did to ‘uplift’ the people of Ogun State. It was such a demanding task but, I was learning so much about governance. I also got to experience first hand some of the problems being faced by the people in the State while interacting with my peers in the course of coordinating their activities as volunteers.

Why I started My Blog.

I loved my job so much that I wanted to share my story with the world. I wanted people to know that it was possible to make an impact whilst observing the compulsory one year service to the nation as mandated by the Federal Government for every Nigerian graduate; home and abroad. This was why I started my blog

Writing is a passion that I cultivated back in high school and even developed as a skill. Though, I cannot remember putting it to use whilst in the university except for research papers and my project. Notwithstanding, it was always there, waiting for a moment like this.

I shared my desire to tell these stories with a friend, Seyi, and he suggested that I start a blog. With absolutely no blogging experience, I decided to go for it. Seyi was willing to show me how to publish my posts on Blogspot, a free domain service owned by Google. At this point, all we needed was a Blog name.

How I came up with the blog name

Understanding the vision of your blog is very key which actually defines your niche. At the time, I didn’t quite know much about having a niche but knowing what I wanted to blog about really helped. I share details on how to choose a blog name in Chapter 3 of my ebook on blogging.

In the course of brainstorming, I reached out to a friend, Etimbuk, explaining my vision to him. Two things that were key was that we were going to be addressing a lot of social issues and, I wanted the stories to impact lives. After explaining everything to him, he came up with the name, Sociotectonic [Socio + Tectonic].

Socio means social and Tectonic means creating a strong and widespread impact. Click To Tweet

One month after, this is my first blog post and a story of why I started my blog. I am excited to have you on this journey with me as I also hope to make new friends. Please use the comment section to introduce yourself and let’s connect. I am also keen on meeting other bloggers so that we can learn from each other. I already started a mailing list where I share blogging and content creating tips (Join the mailing list).

Update: In 2015, we tweaked and changed the name of the blog from Sociotectonic to SoTectonic. I shared this in the article titled, Why I changed My Blog Name.

This article was originally published on the 1st of December 2012 but modified in June 2020.

Featured Image: Sourced from and edited by Oma Ehiri


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