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Why You Should Not Pursue That Office Crush

This article is directed at people who work in small offices or where colleagues interact with one another on a regular basis

Love is a beautiful thing but when it goes sour, it could become ugly. And sometimes, what seems to be the business of 2 could spread and affect the actual business. To ensure that you do not become a victim of an ugly love experience in your place of business, forget that office crush.

Here are a few reasons why you should not pursue that office crush.

It stirs gossip:

Office gossip is the worst. Having people whisper every time you are in the hallway is not cool at all. It could really get under your skin and make you lose sight of what really matters.

You could lose respect amongst other employees:

If the office crush happens to be your subordinate, there is the likelihood that he or she tends to get overfamiliar with you that others may follow suit.

Your skill is downplayed as every achievement is not seen to be merited:

Now this happens when the office crush is your superior. If you get a promotion, it is assumed that you got it because you are dating the boss.

It could affect one’s judgement:

Very few people can draw the line between business and pleasure. If your love interest doesn’t agree with company policy, you are most likely to let that affect your judgement and breed favouritism.

Still not convinced, you may want to follow the several stories of the fallen relationships in the Big Brother Lockdown House. What has that got to do with your office crush? Everything. The Big Brother House is a confined space just like some offices. You are in the face of that colleague almost every time.

Not to fight against cupid or control who you love but carefully think this through before you choose to pursue that office crush.

Still, think it’s worth giving it a try? Share known stories of office relationships that have worked. Maybe a little positivity could convince us.

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